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  • Nuclear Escalation FBI6003

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    Note: this is a stand-alone game as well as an expansion for Nuclear War the card game

    Damage: this game is new in shrink-wrap; but outer box is pressure creased.

    Intended as a standalone expansion set for Nuclear War, this game can be played separately or shuffled in with Nuclear War to make a bigger game. It updates the devastation with cruise missiles, MX missiles, new Special cards, sneaky Spies, and Space Platforms. (And don't forget "Skippy" the feared SuperVirus).
    This game won the H.G. Wells Award for best SF Boardgame of 1983 (even though it is a card game)!

    148 cards
    special "radioactive" die

    Useful to know:

    Ages: 10 to adult
    Players: 2 to 6
    Play time: 30 minutes
    Game Designer: Douglas Malewicki, Michael Stackpole
    Game Artists: Doug Chaffee
    Awards: 1983 Charles S. Roberts Best Science-Fiction Board Game Winner
    MPN: 6003
    MSRP: $29.99
    Country of Manufacture: China
    Year Published: 1983
    Shipped weight: 1.5 lbs
    UPC/EAN: none