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  • Federation Commander Border Box 3 ADB4403

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    Federation Commander Border Box #3 contains two dozen miniatures for use with Federation Commander: Romulan Border.  These precision made 1:3, 788-scale miniatures are matches for the ship cards in Booster Packs 7, 8, and 9 for the Federation Commander system.
    Miniatures require painting and some assembly may be necessary as well.

        2 New Heavy Cruisers,
        2 War Destroyers,
        2 New Light Cruisers.

        2 Battlecruisers,
        2 Destroyers.

        2 Battle Hawk Destroyers,
        2 War Eagle old-series Cruisers,
        2 Sky Hawk new-series Destoyers,
        2 Kestrel-class KR Cruisers,
        1 RoyalHawk Command Cruiser,
        1 NovaHawk Assault Cruiser,
        4 Armed Priority Transports

    Useful to Know:

    Model count: 24 w/stands
    Material: pewter
    MPN: ADB4403
    MSRP: $99.95
    Country of Manufacture: USA
    Shipped weight: .95 lbs
    UPC/EAN: 678554044032