Scratch + Dent Games & Puzzles

Concerning Missing Game Parts

To my customers,

The games we sell are gotten on the secondary market; and as such are not supported by the publishers when it comes to missing pieces which is why any game which comes to me without shrink-wrap is carefully opened and inspected for completeness.  If there are any missing pieces, I generally will not list them unless it is an insignificant item like 1 wound token out of 20, in which case the missing part is clearly identified in the description and list of contents.  PLEASE do not contact the publisher.  If you would like me to contact them on your behalf to see if the missing piece is available for purchase, I will be happy to do so.

The same applies to games still in the original shrink-wrap.  Since these are not inspected prior to listing, if you discover upon opening any missing pieces please let me know immediately so that I can take care of you.  I promise 100% satisfaction and will either obtain the missing parts or refund the game.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support in making 2econd Chance Games + Hobbies the best place on the internet to find a game to play!!